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About Schisandra Berry

Schisandra is an absolute powerhouse of antioxidants, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory properties. Learn how to incorporate it into your diet!

Schisandra Chinensis

Schisandra Chinensis is also called magnolia berry or five-flavor fruit. It is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is used for its calming and wellness-supporting qualities. Schisandra berry is said to have all five primary flavor profiles, including salty, sweet, sour, pungent, and bitter. Schisandra is an absolute powerhouse of antioxidants, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific work is growing around its benefits. Thus far, there is scientific work to support the use of Schisandra Chinensis to battle stress and depression. Research has been done on Schisandra berry's efficacy in easing the effects of menopause. Most excitingly, research suggests that Schisandra Chinensis may be a neuroprotective that can improve symptoms of Alzheimer's. With this massive list of benefits, you may be wondering - how do I incorporate Schisandra Chinensis into my diet? 1. Schisandra Chinensis Powder: You could purchase a Schisandra Chinensis powder and take one teaspoon daily. The best way to do this is to create a fruit juice infusion by pouring ½ cup of Schisandra Chinensis into a 1-gallon pitcher of dark fruit juice and allowing it to soak for one day. From there, you can strain and drink as necessary. 2. Schisandra Chinensis Supplements: There are many Schisandra Chinensis supplements on the market. If you're considering this route, pay special attention to the dosage and sourcing for each supplement. 3. [Most Fun!] Drømme Awake: One of the delicious, tasteful, and well-sourced botanicals in Drømme Awake is Schisandra Chinensis. When you take a sip of Drømme Awake, you get all the powerful benefits of Schisandra berry in a delicious, elegant social beverage. Shake it up and mix Drømme Awake into one of our artisan-created cocktails for a luxurious experience. I hope you give Schisandra berry and Drømme Awake a try.