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Drømme Hot Toddy

A "secret" Drømme recipe to warm your night.

Today, I wanted to share a "secret" Drømme recipe. It's an excellent fit for any time of year - a fall or winter evening or huddled up around a summer campfire. It's the classic "cozy" cocktail, the Hot Toddy. While it's not featured on our website, it is one of the ways that my family and I have been enjoying Drømme Calm this year. The origins of the Hot Toddy are disputed. Some believe that it originally started in British-controlled India in the 1610s. The evidence for this is the Hindi word "taddy," which referenced an existing drink made with fermented palm sap. The word and concept traveled to the UK. Because winters there are damp and cold, it became a common practice to pour hot water into glasses of Scotch. When the spice trade with India made "exotic" spices like cinnamon more readily available, these were added to the mixture. Another variation of the history of the hot toddy is that an Irish doctor named Robert Bentley Todd was said to have prescribed his patients a mixture of hot brandy, water, cinnamon, and sugar. The drink gained popularity and was attributed to this doctor. No matter the origin of the Hot Toddy - we've been enjoying a zero-proof version made with Drømme calm. Below I share my favorite recipe for making a non-alcoholic version and a "low-proof" version of this classic cozy drink. With all the beneficial botanicals and adaptogens in Drømme Calm, this Hot Toddy is sure to be the perfect nightcap. It'll take the edge off, allow your mind to "wind down" after a long day, and promote restful sleep. 1. Prep your ingredients Grab your Drømme Calm, lemons, ginger, honey, and black peppercorns. 2. Decide on Low or Zero Proof If you're going with a "low proof" option, grab some good bourbon whiskey. For a zero-proof option - you have everything you need. 3. Mix Liquids Mix 2 oz Drømme Calm, 1 oz whisky if you're using it, .5 oz lemon juice and honey to taste in a large drinking glass and mix together. 4. Serve Drop black pepper and ginger into glass of choice and top with around 4 ounces of hot water. Stir to mix.